Thursday, August 03, 2006

2007 Houston Marathon training

Training for the Houston Marathon in January 2007 has begun in earnest.

This is a 26 week program I've developed that utilizes theories and workouts from Coach Daniels' and the late Arthur Lydiard's programs. This year, we'll be doing a few things differently than last year. Notably, the 200s and 400s workouts will not be included. It's not that they're not beneficial but, for the marathon, you just don't need that kind of speed. I also feel you can get strength and technique in other workouts that are more suited to the marathon distance.

The program is a four (4) phase program (each phase lasting 6 weeks) with a two (2) week taper. Details of the program can be found at I've got the workouts for the first two phases up on the site.